About Us

Our Cheeky Story....

This cheeky story started in 2005 with a cute 6-month-old baby and some polished wooden floors. Aussie Mum Lisa Koba kept watching her gorgeous bub slip and slide on the floorboards as she attempted to stand (not the ideal way for a littlie to find their feet!) But when Lisa went searching for a solution, nothing on the market fit the bill. So, ever the headfirst adventurer she set about designing her own.  

Wanting the best for her baby's feet, Lisa knew her signature range of infant footwear had to be top quality, soft soled, non-slip, made of soft genuine leather... and super cute to boot!   After months of research, designing and sourcing, she finally hit upon the perfect slip-busting solution.

Enter Cheeky Little Soles - the ideal balance of style, and function, comfort and cuteness (which have seen more than one mum ask if they come in grown-up sizes too!) Our gorgeous shoes for tiny people have since taken off, and are now supporting little feet all over the world.

What's so great about Cheeky Little Soles?

We get little feet!  We know what babies need!

Tiny tootsies have special requirements, especially when your bub is first starting to crawl, stand and walk. All our shoes are specially designed to allow babies feet to flex and strengthen naturally, but also to protect that delicate, peachy-soft skin. We also know what mums want.  We're here to play our part in helping your baby thrive and flourish.  And because we're all about the small things, we also pay extra-special attention to all those little details that really make the difference.  Like our commitment to the best quality materials and customer service.  Like the fact that we're locally owned and operated.  And, of course, like our ridiculously adorable designs.

Taking the world by storm, one little foot at a time

Now Australia's go-to brand for infant footwear, Cheeky Little Soles has won hearts and awards across the country. As success of our little business grew, so has the product range.  Our shoes and goodies can now be found in boutiques across the country and throughout the world. Every one of our boot-scootin' baby shoes - from ballet slippers to our oh-so comfy sandals to our Yippee-ki-yay cowboy booties - have been tried, tested and totally loved by infants, toddlers and mums.

We're are so proud to be supporting little feet every step of the way.

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