Infants and toddlers feet can vary greatly in size. The best way to determine the correct infant shoe size to purchase is by measuring their feet. The approximate age ranges we advise are general, we recommend that you measure your child's feet to get the best fit.

How to Measure Baby's Feet

  1. If possible have baby stand on a piece of paper. Make a pencil mark at the heel and the longest toe,
    making sure toes are flat and not curled. Measure with a ruler to get the length.
  2. Be sure to measure both feet as they may be different lengths. 
  3. Always allow  0.5cm – 1 cm extra for wiggle room when selecting the correct shoe size.

Cheeky Little Soles Soft Soled Baby Shoes, Sandals and Boots Sizing

Size Age (approx) Length US Shoe Size Euro Shoe Size
Small 0-6 months 11 cm 2 17
Medium 6-12 months 12.5 cm 4 19
Large 12-18 months 13.5 cm 5 20
XLarge* 18-24 months 15 cm 6 22

* Available only in selected soft soled designs.

Adjusting the elastic around the ankle

Cheeky Little Soles soft soled baby shoes (excluding mary jane and t bar shoes) have been designed so that if the elastic around the ankle is too loose or too snug it can easily be adjusted or replaced.

To adjust the elastic simply pull the leather casing around the elastic back, pinch the elastic together and pop in a small stitch, be careful not to make too tight.

To replace the elastic around the ankle simply cut the existing elastic and thread a new piece of elastic in its place and sew ends together.

Cheeky Little Soles Baby Ballet Slippers Sizing

Size Age (approx) Length
Small 0-6 months 10.75 cm
Medium 6-12 months 12.05 cm
Large 12-18 months 12.7 cm
XLarge 18-24 months 14 cm

Please note: Our Baby Ballet Slippers are a narrower fit than our shoes, and may not be suitable for babies with wide feet.

Cheeky Little Soles Toddler Walker Shoe Sizing

Size/Age (approx) Length US Shoe Size Euro Shoe Size
12-18 months 13.5 cm 5 21
18-24 months 15 cm 6 23
2 years 15.6 cm 7 24
2.5 years 16.3 cm 8 25